Taking into account the environmental impact that the industry generates on the environment, GCC develops zero pollution technology thanks to the use of reusable components in the manufacture of its products and recyclable supplies in all packaging used.

GCC is aware of the environmental impact that comes from obtaining raw materials or the disposal of waste generated after the manufacture of a technological product, understanding that these can have dire consequences for the conservation of the environment. That is why the company takes into account the direct environmental impact, pollution, and waste generation by putting into practice methods and instruments of technology within our reach to accompany a pollution-free future.

Our production plant, considered Environment Friendly, has technology that does not generate gas emissions into the atmosphere, toxic residues, or waste in water, avoiding any environmental contamination and, in turn, the manufacture of products is carried out with components reusable that will return to the silver itself or another third party to be reused.

All packaging used was designed so that its composition is made of biodegradable and recyclable material, which guarantees that it can be treated later for reuse.

It is in this way and through its products that GCC intends to contribute its responsible part in improving the quality of life of a conscious world.

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