Android 13 is coming, not only copying iOS but also Chinese mobile phones!

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Are you using Android 12?


To be honest, it has been almost a year since Android 12 was released, and I only used the official version of Android 12 in January this year. No, I have only been using Android 12 for a few months, and Google is ready to release Android 13.

Although the beta version of Android 13 was released at this stage, we can also glimpse some shadows of the official version of Android 13 in the fall.


Without further ado, let's get straight to the point.

How to get early access to Android 13?


There are two easiest ways to get early access to Android 13:


The first way is to own a Google Pixel phone, and this Pixel must be Pixel 4 and above.


If you don't have a Pixel, then we might also consider installing an emulator to run Android 13. The specific operation steps can be moved to the official website of the Android system:】


Android 13 new features


According to the description, Android 13 will add several new theme colors to the UI, while improving some security features and privacy. Next, let's have a good chat.


According to recent revelations, Android 13 requires apps to push messages to users with their consent.


One thing to say, this function has been used for a long time when I used the domestic mobile phone system... Android 13, which has only launched this function at this moment, is a bit perfunctory.


Because this time Android 13 is all about privacy and security, Android 13 introduces a photo picker and new Wi-Fi permissions.


The photo picker can restrict the behavior of the application to get the album, and we can also specify which photos the application can only read. For now, it does exactly the same thing as iOS 14 Photos...


As for the new Wi-Fi permission, it restricts the exposure of Wi-Fi-connected devices. In other words, in Android 13, the situation that some devices want to obtain the user's precise location through Wi-Fi will be greatly alleviated.


In addition, Android 13 also introduced the function of automatic revocation of authorization for applications that have not been used for a long time.


For example, we previously installed an app that needed to get our location, but after we didn't use the app for a long time, the location permissions we had previously granted to it were reset.


As for this function, I believe everyone is familiar with it...


I personally think that the biggest "innovation" may be Android 13's support for setting languages ​​for apps individually.


For example, you can set the alarm clock to English alone without setting the language of the entire phone to English.


So what's the benefit of doing this?


All I can say is that there are too many benefits. For some applications, we only need to set the region and language to regions other than mainland China, then at this time, these applications will become very refreshing: ads will not be pushed, and the background will not be resident.


I hope domestic manufacturers don't castrate this function!


In addition, there are low-power Bluetooth, MIDI2.0, optimization for folding screens, tablet optimization, etc. I will not expand.




Overall, this time Android 13, like iOS 15 before it, is not a "complete update", it's more of a complement to the existing features of Android 12. To me, Android 13 is more of a patch than a major version update.


In fact, from the current point of view, some updates made by domestic manufacturers in the customized system have always been ahead of Google. Whenever a new version of Android is released, we are always happy to see many functions that we have already used in China.


There is no doubt that mobile phone manufacturers with a huge user base understand users better than Google. Compared with the updates brought by Google, I am more looking forward to the new features brought by mobile phone manufacturers.


Sometimes, the function is useless, but it is really fun. As for Google's Android today, apart from smelling the exhaust from iOS and domestic manufacturers, it doesn't seem to have made much progress.

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